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"Rainforest", one of Schar's most radiant works, was created at a time when his thoughts were particularly directed towards the concept of healing.  his mind was engulfed by a temest of fear because of a loved one's illness.  "Rainforest" was created to impart health.  Here Schar creates a musical color composition reminiscent of Kandiskt's painted symphonies.  Red rubies, green emeralds, rose quartz and orange coral vibrates with health and passion.


Though this piece conveys optimism through its color, it simultaneously communicates the turbulence of Schar's disturbed state of consciousness.  The gems are applied in primitive dabs and coarse clots similar to those of a van Gogh landscape.  Critic hues raise vibrating voices in a bizarre fugue of color.  Black tourmaline and blue tiger eye thread their way across the surface to provide saving restraint.  Slick succulant gems look like pomegranate seeds and half-sucked candies still glistening with moisture.  Sweet melon-colored crystals vie with transparent gems to capture the light and begin their sugary photosynthesis.  The artist makes inert crystals look soft and pregnant in the verdant jungle atmosphere.



ruby, rhodochrosite, chrysoprase, bronzite, adventurine, tourmaline, coral, spinel, peridot, fire opal - 30" x 30" / 2003

Rainforest (fragment)

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